Avoid U.S Gov Snooping (NSA PRIZM) – Move Away From Cloud Services That Allow NSA Backdoor

After listening to the details of the American Government NSA department PRIZM project and how it has been spying on not just American Citizens but the pretty much the world…well , let me just say that I feel violated. No one, should be subjected to invasion of privacy even under the false pretense of a threat (fear) as the U.S government love to use.

Some U.S citizens say, I don’t mind them spying on me, as long as they catch a few terrorist. This is exactly what the U.S government wants. They throw fear at you at every turn with their government controlled mainstream media, so you have to give up your rights easily based on scare tactics...like the groping and touching pat downs at the airports by TSA agents, like the NDAA where they can take and incarcerate any U.S citizen suspected of being a terrorist without a fair trial and now this all out spying their own citizens.

U.S-Gov-spying-on-citizens-pollApparently, over 30 million phone conversations were captured and stored from Verizon. Think about it 30 million peoples phone calls were recorded by the U.S government to capture what a few terrorist. Why not target only the phones of the terrorist. Whatever, excuse that the U.S government have , is a flat out “lie” to the face of the American citizens…they have been spying on their citizens since 2001, and they use September 11th as the excuse to do so, and infringe even more on their citizens privacy.

It is not just American citizens that they are spying on. As a Canadian I have used Yahoo and Microsoft for e-mail and they are on the list of co-operators with NSA. I am sure that their are millions of foreigners using Yahoo and Microsoft as their internet mail service, so they were possibly spied on as well.

Here’s what to do:
Migrate away to other e-mail services that respect your privacy more like Hushmail or learn how to use PGP in your e-mails with friends and family.

I used to used Google for my searches all the time…I do not today. Use alternatives like StartPage.com and DuckDuckGo.com over even Mamma.com. All pretty good search engines.

Dropbox was one of the cloud storage companies also involved in allowing the government to look at your data.

I have recently migrated off of Dropbox to Mega.co.nz. Mega cloud storage is based in New Zealand and yes, this is the successor to MegaUpload. The great thing about this new cloud storage service is that, everything you store online is encrypted…not even the Mega storage I.T staff can see your data. The only person can access the files stored is you with your userid and password (so don’t lose it). Apparently, this feature of encrypted files in the cloud, is a “legal” tool against piracy and the movie studio and music labels cannot send the lawyers after Mega.

I rarely use Facebook anymore, I only give minimal details about my personal life and as far as Skype…I am looking for an alternative now.

In the next 5-10 years, the tentacles of Governments and Corporations will invade more and more of your privacy as technology advances, some say that day is already here… read the classic book “George Orwell – 1984″ . After the PRIZM news broke out, the sales of this book on Amazon sky rocketed.
1984: 60th-Anniversary Edition (Plume)

Within the next 3 months, I will be shifting away from any service that the company below provides.

I find it funny and sickening that American Government and media in the past decade has been bashing China over invasion of privacy, mean while the U.S Government has been doing the same to their own citizens…talk a about being a BIG HYPOCRITE. They say one thing and sound all righteous, while behing the scene they do the things they so righteously denounce. How can you trust the U.S government in such a circumstance.

Below is the list of companies that are involved in the U.S Government NSA PRIZM spying program:

and more…..

Here are some Youtube videos you can watch to learn more about PRIZM:

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