Syria Attack by U.S.A Built On Washington Lies

For some reason this whole chemical weapon claim by the United States government towards Syria sounds an awful like the lies they made up about WMD (weapons of mass destruction) against Iraq in year 2000, to have a reason to attack and take over the country for its oil.

Well, it was only after about 5 years after the U.S attacked Iraq, that it was revealed Iraq never had weapons of mass destruction. It was all a made up lie by Washington.

Now, the American Empire wants to take over the middle east. American CIA agents have already supported rebels to de-stabilze Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria. Make no mistake…the lies are being told again about a country that the U.S.A wants to attack and take over, so that they can dupe American citizens into supporting the war and at the same time used “TRILLIONS” of American taxpayers money to pay for this new war.

The U.S has been asked to provide proof, which they do not have and they will fabricate something bogus to have a reason to start yet another war.

Here is some links to protest that are going around the United Kingdom to try and stop the invasion of Syria. However , it is too bad there isn’t any protest in America due to the fact that the majority of American citizens (sheeples) are too preoccupied with Miley Cyrus and MTV music awards. C’mon Americans wake up, all these wars have already bankrupted the United States…speak out against this.


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