India’s Top Police Says To Women -”If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it” – Disturbing

India over the last several hears has experience a huge surge in violent rapes against women. However, the rapes have not been just against Indian women living in the country, there has also been several cases where a group of Indian men have gang raped tourist visiting the country.

Maybe, the problem has always been there and only in the last few years has the media brought it to light. Regardless, this trend is very disturbing and back in January of 2013, I myself was back in India for business for a few days and spoke to one of my business partners there about why all this problem with violent rapes. What he replied to me, really disgusted me…he mentioned that in India, there is probably a woman being raped every 2 minutes of the day. I was shocked…he then goes to say that this is normal and people don’t think much of it.

This business partner of my company who is a sales manager says he has two daughters, and he has to keep track of where they are constantly, as he is scared of any bad men in India attempting to rape them.

To add to the really bad image problem that India is suffering from right now in regards to the multitude of violent rape crimes that has happened over the past few years now the top policemen of the country outrage everyone with this comment. He said to the public “If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it”. I don’t know what he was “smokin’ ” but those are really bad choice of words to say the least.

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by Das Brain

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