Rogers Wireless Canada Ripping Off Canadian Cell Phone Customers With iPhone Pricing

iPhone Rogers Wireless Canada too expensive






First of all let me just say that cell phone plans in Canada in general is expensive and a rip off compared to our neighbours to the south. Unfortunately, there are not many selections of wireless providers in Canada, you have Bell, Telus, Rogers and Fido which is own by Rogers anyway.

Rogers Canada however though, is a little better than Bell when it comes to high speed internet service, but when it comes to wireless cell phone plans, they both are pretty much expensive compared to cell phone plans in the U.S

Now with the introduction of the iPhone here in Canada, Rogers Wireless wants to push to wireless customers or consumers a ridiculously pricey cell phone plan. Already, there are more than 42,000 Canadians that plan to boycott Rogers Wireless iPhone.

If you are Canadian and you think the new Rogers iPhone wireless plan is a rip-off, then go to and sign the petition.

Personally, I think the iPhone is over hyped, and I wouldn’t get one anyway. There are much better value out there in terms of smartphones by companies like HTC and Nokia. You might not think so, but I am sure you do not want to pay for an expensive plan from Rogers Wireless Canada as well.