Japan’s Rising Nationalism – Uneasy For Neighbors

Japan’s nationalism is rising and the drums of war is beating possibly with China.

In the last year or so, we have seen many disputes over some tiny islands between Japan and China, with one incident prompting the American military to patrol an area near the island with American ships as a show of support for Japan.


In reality, what is really going on, is that the U.S.A is trying to push Japan into a war with China. Just, like in World War II when Germany’s national debt reach unprecedented levels, Germany sought to go to war. America’s federal debt is now reaching 19 Trillion dollars and the American government knows they have no way of paying back the other countries it owes money to.

It owes China the most money. So, think for yourself who is the bad guy?

If John Doe (U.S.A) owes you money, and John Doe cannot pay you back…then tries to start a fight with you…then who is the bad guy? Morally.

At the same time, the economy in the U.S is so bad, that propaganda media is being used to tell American citizens that the economy is “recovering” with real unemployment at high levels, rampant homelessness and food stamp use.

The Federal Reserve is printing Trillions of dollars from thin-air and shoveling it into the stock market, pushing it to all time highs , so as to make it seem that everything is getting better. To cover up the fact that the government messed up big time.

The history of America shows that the U.S profits from war mongering or war profiteering (selling of weapons) and loans to purchase those weapons. Also, history have shown that American CIA agents are used to start proxy wars, that is wars to provoke another party to get involved, and in this case America is using Japan to provoke China into a war. Then, the U.S will get involved.

The bottom line is, America cannot pay back China or Germany (owes gold). So, the U.S.A will go to war to get out of it. This is nothing new, Germany did this to avoid paying Britain and other European countries after Word War I. You see know the same cycle is starting again.

Japan in the end is a “lap dog” to the U.S. After the Americans bomb them in the Second World War, basically the government of Japan is ruled by America. Japan is a “colony” of the U.S.A and will have to do whatever the U.S government says.

It will be interesting to see the series of events unfold over the next couple of years. My feeling is , this is leading up to something big and it is not going to be pretty.

Das Brain

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