Brian Belski is Wrong – He Says Bull Has Legs to Run Another 10 Years

When bank economists and forecaster, comes out with these “pie in sky” predictions you know what they are doing is rounding up “the greater fools”. Trying to get people to dump more money into the stock market before a big crash.

I think Brian Belski is borderline retarded, his predictions are based on wrong assumptions and fantasy.

For instance:
“Children of the boomers, is growing and “this cohort” has historically had a direct impact on stock prices.”

The younger generation (children of baby boomers) are going to be in so much debt and have low paying wages or can’t find jobs that they won’t even think about investing in equities.

He fails to mention that even today, young adults and baby boomers alike are at a historically low stock market participation rate. Simply, because they all got screwed in the last crash.

At the end of the day, this is just another outlandish prediction news release or article from mainstream financial media to try and pump up the equity markets, and draw unsuspecting “sheeps” in.

Here are some of the comments on Brian Belski’s predictions:
snowboy • a day ago
It’s when stories like this start appearing that it’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the coming crash..

4r7lukm • 18 hours ago
We’re in the midst of an unprecedented economic experiment in terms of monetary policy and fiscal policy, and there’s no evidence it’s working. Notions of a “recovery” are fictitious.

zulu1 • 18 hours ago
Check the average length of bull markets, and this one is already long in the tooth, and past average. He is dreaming in technicolor

XKR Thomas Beyer • 5 hours ago

“kids of baby boomers, inheriting trillions of $s from their wealthy parents”
You must be joking. The typical boomer isn’t due at the funeral home for another twenty years. Your prediction would be valid for the next cycle, not this one.

hammerdog • a day ago
This is pure BS .. the market will tank once the grey wave of boomers start to sell their stock holdings in the next few years. Sell now and cash in your gains!!!!

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