GM Issues 4 More Recalls Covering 500,000 Vehicles 57,000 in Canada

There is a reason why I have never owned a car made by GM (Cheverolet, GMC, Buick etc.) and the reason is that these cars are complete crap.

A few times I have been tempted by the low entry price into a new GM, but for some reason I had the inkling that I will pay for it down the road in failures, problems, maintenance and safety.

I stuck with imports like Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and now I own a Subaru. Let me tell you in terms of both safety and reliability I am glad I stuck with these brands.

So, my sixth sense was right or maybe it was because throughout my younger 20’s to now 40’s , I have heard friends, family members and strangers complain about their American cars, and GM cars in particular.

Buyer beware…do your due diligence and on safety and problems with any brand you want to purchase.

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