Confiker Virus To Come Alive On April Fools Day – It Might Not Be Very Funny

Confiker C. Virus April 1st Fools
The Confiker virus is an event that hits the technology / computer realm once in a few years, security experts are hurrying against time to minimize the impact of this malware which is ready to wreak havoc on a hard-coded date of April 1st or April fools day.

Malware / virus programmers love to target April Fool’s Day with their creation, and the latest worm, called Conficker C, could be one of the most destructive attacks we have seen in years.

Conficker first sprouted up in late 2008 and made headlines in January as the amoutn of known infections exceeded 9 million computers. Now in its third updated version, Conficker C, the worm has become very complicated, powerful, and virulent. One thing to note is that experts are not quite sure exactly what it will do when D-Day arrives.

There is a $250,000 USD bounty on the head of the writer of the worm, offered by Microsoft. I guess that is why security researchers are feverishly dissecting the worm’s code as they attempt to create a cure or find the writer before the deadline. What is known is that on April 1, all infected computers will come under the control of a central computer node somewhere on the internet. Anything’s possible… will the zombie machines become denial of service attack pawns, steal personal information, wipe hard drives, or bring up annoying pop-ups and extortion-like come-ons designed to sell you phony security software? No one knows.

Conficker is smart, it is programmed to hide its tracks because it uses an enormous number of URLs to communicate with HQ. The first version of Conficker used just 250 addresses each day — which security researchers and ICANN simply bought and/or disabled — but Conficker C will up the ante to 50,000 addresses a day when it goes active, a number which simply can’t be tracked and disabled by hand.

A few things to you can do is to patch Windows completely through Windows Update and update your anti-spyware / malware program tool. Also check to see if your antivirus software is actually running too, as Conficker may have disabled it.

As the Confiker C. Virus only infects Microsoft Windows based operating system like XP, Vista etc, if you are running Ubuntu / Xubuntu Linux or Apple Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard you have nothing to worry about.

The information technology department at my work just sent this e-mail to everyone. See below:

The Downadup/Conficker worm now has a “c” variant. This is a more sophisticated, resilient and much more dangerous version of what we’ve seen so far.
All variants take advantage of a Windows Operating System vulnerability described by MS08-067.
Our foremost goal is to patch all Windows systems and ensure that we have antivirus installed with the latest virus definitions.
1. Update Windows Operating system with the latest system patches
2. Update or install antivirus client
3. Run a full system scan with the antivirus application
Step 1,
Please go to the link below to download all critical updates.
The patch needs to be manually installed through the Windows update website. This applies to all computers Windows Operating.
You will be required to reboot your computer to complete the installation of the update, otherwise your computer will still be vulnerable to attacks.
If the update is not successful please contact: technicalsupport for assistance.
Step 2,
Ensure you have an antivirus client on your computer with the latest updates offered
If you do not have an antivirus client, please install Symantec Client:
Client = Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Server = Windows 2003, 2008
Step 3,
Open the Antivirus application – choose the option to run a full system scan
If there are any questions or concerns contact: technicalsupport

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5 Responses to “Confiker Virus To Come Alive On April Fools Day – It Might Not Be Very Funny”

  1. Kat Bockli says:

    Here’s a tech professor talking about the virus: how to avoid it, and how to get a fix if you get it…

  2. Edward says:

    If you have adequate protection, there’s nothing to be afraid off.

  3. farrukh says:

    we are infected this horrible virus now kindly help us.

  4. farrukh says:

    infected with confiker virus.

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