Native Americans Have Chinese DNA – Scientist Proof


I have always believed that Gavin Menzies 1421 book has gotten it right, that Chinese explorers discovered North and South America way before the Europeans, but like most piece of information that is the “truth” , the truth is suppressed by the people in power.

The people in power in America, now and in the past have been European and it is to their interest that they hide the truth, so they can continue to tell the lie that Christopher Columbus was the first to discover the Americas, this is the indoctrination that have been drilled into your head in school. Remember, the saying “You tell a lie, as much as you can, and over time that lie becomes true, to the people you are trying to convince.”

I think Gavin Menzies book and recent discoveries by two scientist that Native Americans DNA has traces of Chinese heritage will show you who the original discoverers of the Americas were. DNA doesn’t lie, it is definite proof, that is why the law has to yield to DNA evidence and people are let free after being wrongly accused. So, in effect Native people and Latinos of the Americas are distant genetic cousins in some sense.

Have you ever wondered why Native Canadians and Americans/Latinos look so Asian. In some parts of Native Canadian reserves and as well as in parts of the U.S and further south to Mexico, Costa Rica … I have seen people that can pass as Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc.)

Don’t expect this discovery to change history books though, because the current establishment will never admit to it…despite scientific evidence. Mainstream academia is rigid (egotistical) in their curriculum to indoctrinate false information to keep you dumb down to be a worker bee devoid of independent and critical thinking. Mainstream academia especially are there to keep the status quo and not admit to new discoveries that may change perceptions that do not benefit the ego.

Don’t be a drone, do your own research on this matter, never believe what you are given at face value (text books), and I implore you to always question…even this article.

by Das Brain

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