Got My Hands On “PennyStocking” DVD set by Timothy Sykes – Will Be Doing Review On It

Tim Sykes - PennyStocking

If you haven’t heard of Timothy Sykes he is a young lad that became famous when he turned his barmitzva money of $12,000 some odd dollars to like 1.8 million dollars in like 5 years.

How did he do it?   Well, supposedly by making thousands of trades on penny stocks (stocks under $5 share price).  The Tim Sykes, PennyStocking DVD set comprises of 4 DVDs, and when I have enough time to spare I will be going through them one by one and in the short future writing a review on them.  So, check back once in a while and read up on what this youngster name Timothy Sykes has to teach the rest of us. It could be crap or there could be some useful info….who knows, we will see.

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