Micro-Aggression and Covert Systematic Racist in Society – Mainstream Media Turn it off

Where do this stereotypes and micro-aggression learning comes from?

It is a learned behavior through people you talk to (conversations), magazines, TV shows and movies. Look no further than mainstream media, mostly American TV and Hollywood. Here in Canada where I live, the shows are more inclusive of other minority groups and racism is less of a problem. Accept if you head out to the suburbs.

The american TV shows and movies that I grew up would not include certain groups in media and when they do, the media would always stereotype Blacks, Arabs, Asians and Indians. You the watcher of these TV shows and Hollywood movies in-turn are being programmed to and indoctrinated to accept those stereotypes which is then ingrained into your subconscious.

The seeds of racial stereotypes are stored in your brain where they fester like a virus and when you see a black person or asian person your brain automatically pick up the stereotype stored in your mind from years and years (repetition) of watching TV, movies and magazines that you’ve read. When you read and watch mainstream TV or movies you think that it is okay to repeat what you have learned. Not realizing that it is wrong and unjust to discriminate.

It makes you ask these questions about mainstream media in conditioning people to be racist.

1. Who are the writers of these TV shows and movies, that they feel compelled to create a role that stereotypes a group of people?
2. Who are the casting directors of these TV shows and movies, and what their personal racist bias when it comes to choosing actors and actresses for roles?
3. Why are these stereotypes being fed constantly to the American public? Is there an agenda to stereotype certain groups to keep them psychology shackled?
4. Is there an agenda either by the government, media companies or the elite that control the government to maintain this class system by race within society?

I implore you to watch all the videos.

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