China’s ‘Win-Win’ cooperation” vs. U.S.A Bully & Bomb Exceptionalist Approach

First of all, every American citizen should realize that the real reason for the decline of the U.S economy is because of all the expansionary wars that the U.S is engaged in which cost American taxpayers Trillions of Dollars.

There is also a cronyism element, where the large corporations don’t pay their share of taxes, the “uber rich” also don’t pay their full share of taxes and politicians and Wall Street stealing taxpayers money.

But the war after secret war has cost the country the most. As Gerald Celente consistently says “China’s business is BUSINESS, and America’s business is WAR”

By concentrating on BUSINESS, China’s economy has improved and by the U.S government’s concentration on world domination by WAR, the economy and people of America are suffering. Homelessness, child hunger and un-employment are still extremely high. If you go back to history to why the ROME empire collapse, it was because of expansionary wars.

As a Canadian monitoring geopolitical events looking from the outside in…this is quite clear. But for an American citizen living in the American media bubble and propaganda , all they feel and believe is that China is they are the enemy, it cannot be our U.S government that is contributing to the decline of our nation ??? Or is it?

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by Das Brain

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