Western Leaders Wants War to Cover Up The Economic Collapse – Provoking Russia, China

The western nations are saddled with so much debt that the western countries (America, U.K, France, Germany, Japan) economy is going to collapse. There is no way that these nations can pay back the loans from the worthless bonds / treasuries that they sold to other countries.

The western leaders know this, and they must get out of this situation by starting the next major war. That is why you have seen all these unstable false flag events happening in America, Canada, Eastern Europe and in the South China Sea. Western forces are staging events to create instability , so they can blame China and Russia to provoke a military response. Basically, this is the same formula used in Iraq, by telling lies of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that Iraq supposedly have. 10 years after, still no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, but it is too late…the west has already bomb the hell out Iraq and killed over 2 million civilians.

Actually this formula has been used throughout history. After listening to Rob Kirby, you will start to put the pieces together. And once, you do that you can at least start to prepare.

Ask yourself:

How much more money can the U.S.A print, before they collapse the U.S dollar?

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