Don’t Blame China for Global Market Turmoil — It’s the Fed’s Fault

A over the place in the western world, but especially in America and Canada the news has been bashing China and blaming China for the stock market crash. The truth is much different from what the mainstream news media is trying to force down and propagandize to the people of the world.

The truth is that it had nothing to do with China. It had to do with just “market forces”, meaning interest rates and money printing. The U.S Federal Reserve has been printing U.S dollars for the last 8 years or more, amounting to Trilllions of dollars, yes trillions with a “T”, and injecting it into all sorts of places creating financial bubbles everywhere in the world.

Also, the Federal Reserve of the United States, has kept interest rates at 0 percent for the last 7 seven years, inflating the debt bubble bigger and bigger as cost of borrowing is so low. This in turn creates the real estate bubble too.

These financial bubbles are beginning to pop and when they do, they cause a lot of financial damage like a stock market crashes, bond crashes , credit crashes and also real estate crashes. In those order, which we will see in the coming future.

So, remember don’t believe the “crap” mainstream media is forcing down your throat…there is usually an alternate motive, like diverting blame to another foreign entity like China (cause they know people like to blame foreigners who look different, rather than own government).

The above based on the following article, read to get more perspective:

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