Timothy Sykes – PennyStocking DVD 4 – Charting, Self Publishing and Learn From Mistakes

Timothy Sykes PennyStocking DVD course final review

This review is both about DVD 4 of Timothy Sykes PennyStocking stock trading program as well as a review of the whole course content DVD 1-4. I will fist talk about DVD 4 and then about the overall quality of information of the entire course.

Timothy Sykes PennyStocking DVD 4 Review

In DVD 4 Tim Sykes goes into describing some of the experiences he had in year 2004. He mentions that the year 2004 was a very choppy up and down year for many of the target stocks that he was trading and in 2004 he also decided to further educate himself by reading more business news, company profiles and also to learn about fund managers who were successful and achieved high percentage returns.

Mr. Sykes describes the year 2004 as a year that he screwed up a lot, the extreme volatility of the markets was responsible for swings of profit and losses on a daily basis (inconsistency). He then goes into some details about the stock charts of companies that he traded in year 2004, and mentions that he learned you must learn to change with markets. He pointed out that short selling was very hard when the market was volatile such as in 2004.

One thing about Tim Sykes I’ve noticed when watching the DVDs is that sometimes he would branch of on a tangent, and he will get back to topic. One of the points he talked about was something called “PIPE” which he describes as a scheme by people with self-interest in a particular pennystock, and they will hype it up and push the stock higher…he mentions to watch out for this.

The DVD moves on with Tim Sykes talking to charts of pennystocks in traded in 2005 and then he talks about his trades in 2006 and more charts. In 2006, he decided to try this hands at trading in some start-up companies and he got burned a bit….he warned about trading in start-ups to say the least.

Next he talks about how he went into self publishing with some books and video courses like this one. He mentioned that he got famous and rich from trading and it was a long hard road, but he is crazy for not taking advantage of the opportunity to sell training materials.

He finishes off DVD4 with some advice such as:

- Adapt and take advantage of opportunities
- Learn from your losses and gains
- Talks about focusing on price action, break-outs and break-downs
- Wait for a certain stock to break-out or break-down
- Learn from Tim sykes mistakes
- Understand that trading pennystocks is extremely risking undertaking

Final Review of the entire PennyStocking Course by Timothy Sykes

Well after spending more than 4 hours of my life watching all four DVDs, the questions
1. Was the PennyStocking” video course worth watching?
2. Did I learn anything valuable from it?
3. Does all the information in this course work? Will it make me money?

There is a lot of information to digest in this Tim Sykes Pennystocking course, and watching each hour long DVD had it’s challenges I recommend you take notes…one good thing is that his animated crazy personality does make each DVD entertaining, so it’s not all that boring, was it worth the 4 hours, my answer is “Yes” because in the end you do walk away learning what to do and what not to do from his experiences.

I certainly did learn quite a few valuables facts and lessons that will help me in my own trading going forward, and by taking notes you can always refer back to the particular DVD to re-clarify what you have learned.

Now finally, does everything Tim Sykes work and will it make you money? There is no definite answer to this I think, because he is just relaying to you his experiences and the knowledge he acquired in his many years of trading pennystocks. The experiences include some really big losses and getting beat up by the markets, but in the end he did come out on top and his little profits amounted to a final large sum.
All you can do is heed his warnings and learn to apply the set ups that he has pointed out, in the end you will have to hit the buy and sell button.

Now it is possible you can make some good money by using his knowledge, but in my experience trading for many years of trading, nothing beats honing your trading skills like the experience of getting smash and getting beat up by the market a few times to teach you what not to do. So, to put it simply you will have to take what you learn from Tim Sykes course and put it to the test yourself.

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One Response to “Timothy Sykes – PennyStocking DVD 4 – Charting, Self Publishing and Learn From Mistakes”

  1. Phil says:

    I definitely agree. I took a lot away from Tim’s DVD packages. It took me a little bit to actually put the strategies that he teaches you into play, but I’m starting to see better results from my trading thanks to his education. Thanks for the great write-up and review!