Finance Professor Invests In Jim Cramer’s “Buy Right Now” Portfolio, Loses Money On 67% Of Stock Picks


Anyone that trades by listening to Jim Cramer is a big idiot. A decade ago, when I use to watch CNBC until I realize CNBC is just crap, I use to catch Jim Cramer talking about stocks and recommending which is a BUY or SELL. I never initiated any trades based on his recommendation because for some reason, I knew that his show was just entertainment and the content should not be used for trading.

After doing much research, it turns out Cramer knows jack shit, many times when he says BUY, the stock crashes soon after. I believe he is a just a “Wall Street mouthpiece” meaning possibly when Wall Street wants to dump their inventory of stocks, they get Jim Cramer, and he promotes them on CNBC. This way Wall Street houses have suckers to unload their stocks to.

How else can you explain his super dismal performance, once someone decides to record the trades he recommends.

Read the article below to find out how Jim Cramer’s performance really is:

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