Will Russia Become The Modern Day Nazi State – Racist Russia

Racist Russians Skin head
In the past decade Neo-Nazi’s in Russian have been rising. Repeated incidents of violent street beatings of minorities and ethnics have transpired over the last five years with increased frequencies. These violent acts against people in Russian that look different whether Asian, Indian (dark skin), Blacks, Jews or Arab looking, have been perform by the skin heads of the Neo-Nazi movement.

The Neo-Nazi movement in Russian is huge now, this group have adopted the Xenophobic teachings of Hitler and now also they have a political party the National Socialist Association. So basically, now the Neo-Nazi skin heads have support in the Russian government. This is ironic because Russia lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers fighting the Nazi’s in World War II (2), and now they want to adopt Hitler’s Nazi ideology.

If this gets any worst in Russia, it may turn into a huge problem as no other country would want to open up businesses in Russia. If the Russian government do not take care of this Russia will lose foreign investment as their country will further decline into ever poorer and poorer conditions due to these racist Neo-Nazi parties violence…it will be a spiral downward. The Russians are just shooting themselves in the foot as their economy will continue to dwindle.

It is sad that people do not learn from the mistakes and incorrect human behaviors of our past. This, to put it simply is an expected behavior from the Russians because they feel threatened and they need someone to blame for the bad living conditions, they are ripe for brainwashing. In World War II (2), the exact same thing happened with Hitler’s propaganda tapping into the suffering of the people and now Russia seems to be the next victim.

The surprise is that the majority of Russian support this movement, does this mean Russia is a racist country?
Well, I know quite a few Russian’s living in Toronto and they are damn racist…always talking trash about blacks and other races and at my work there are quite a few racist Russian’s as well.

One thing to note is that not all Russians I know in Toronto are racist…like with any group of people there are good one’s and bad ones and you shouldn’t let the “bad apples” ruin the reputation of the whole group. Some of my Russian co-workers are really good people.

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