Stupid Racist “Alexandra Wallace” Films Racist Rant…Then Apologizes

Racist junior UCLA student Alexandra Wallace , ignorant

Stupid racist Alexandra Wallace a UCLA junior films her rant about Asians, putting them down making fun of Asians… basically singly out one ethnic group to rant about.

Well, it has backfired on her as you know Universities in the U.S and Canada are multi-cultural not just white. So you would think she would have more tact…but obviously she didn’t think this through and is just plain ignorant. This clearly shows her true colors and racist tendencies.

Although, she apologizes I really don’t think she means it, she probably only apologize because she got in trouble by the president of UCLA and to shut everyone up. Inside, she probably is still racist as ever.

Copy the URL link to your browser to watch the video and read the article.

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