Next Major Earthquake To Happen In September 2011 – Galactic Alignment of 4 Celestial Objects

September 2011 Earthquake galactic alignment
Based on the theory of “Galactic Alignment” whereby large celestial objects like planets, sun and stars align with each other to form strong gravitational pulls on each other which subsequently causes structural surface damage like earthquakes and volcano eruptions on planets, the next large earthquake on Earth would most likely occur sometime around September 26, 2011. Could be before or after a few days.

If you look at the screen capture above you can see that 4 objects will align, Mercury, Sun (red dot), Comet Elenin (Brown Dwarf) and Earth. This I believe will cause a big earthquake somewhere on the Earth….location unknown, but most likely somewhere on the ring of fire, or it could possibly be a volcanic eruption.

If you read my previous article which tells of the Nasa Jet Propulsion website that has a application that tracks orbital trajectories of planets and objects, it was used by a person who successfully used the application to predict the Japan earthquake in March, 2011 before it happened and posted the video of the visuals of the application showing the alignment.

You can go to the Nasa site yourself and try out the web application:;cad=1;orb=1;cov=0;log=0#orb
(You need Java installed on your computer for it to work!)

Take this as entertainment or a warning , it’s up to you. Come September 2011 , let’s see if this theory proves right again, like it did for the Japan quake.

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One Response to “Next Major Earthquake To Happen In September 2011 – Galactic Alignment of 4 Celestial Objects”

  1. [...] Now, I wrote an article back on June 13, 2011 about how the alignment of several celestial objects with earth is going to cause a huge earthquake in September, 2011. However, whether this was truly going to happen or not was up in the air, though the March 11, 2011 Japanese earthquake was predicted by others using the same method, so the likelihood is high for the September, 2011 quake to occur. [...]