6. Open Ebay Account and Sell Your Products Through Ebay

by Das Brain

Okay its time to get back on topic with this last post or articles of the series “So, How Do You Make Money From The Internet?”

Ebay is the worlds biggest online market place, Ebay as a company is global and has offices in pretty much every developed nation and buyers and sellers can pretty much buy from or sell to consumers in different countries. From a marketing stand point getting your products in front of eye balls or potential customers is key in your exposure of your online shopping cart store and your brand. As well, you are more likely to sell the product if more people see it, right?

The more people you can get to view the product the more likelyhood you will get rid of that product, plus if you are using Ebay’s auction system then the more people who are viewing your item and are interested in purchasing from you on Ebay will also bid up the price of your product. This means higher margins or profit.

So, if you already carrying inventory or have products to sell, but currently do not sell your products online then Ebay is a good alternative to online shopping cart websites. Even if you already have a presence on the internet in the form of a shopping cart website or just a plain website you should still sign up for an eBay!
account for marketing reasons.

Ebay auction is an amazing and cheap way to market your website. I have done this in the past and drove traffic to my websites simply by placing an Ebay auction listing and linking it back to my website. So basically, you would log into Ebay and create your listing, near the end of your product description in the Ebay auction listing you can put something like “If you would like to see more products please visit www.suv-wheels.de” or something of that nature. After an Ebay potential buyer reads the description, and doesn’t like it, at least he/she can click on your link which takes the potential buyer back to your website where they can potentially buy another product from you.

Once in a while, you get a bad customer. The usual Ebay bidder that wins the Ebay auction listing but doesn’t want it anymore. This is generally, pretty rare in my 5 years of buying and selling on Ebay, I have had less than 5% bad egg buyers. The bad eggs are usually people who are completely new to Ebay or Ebay newbies. The majority however have been buying on Ebay for long time, and you as a Ebay Seller can take comfort that most of your transactions will be fairly smooth. Most of my Ebay transactions had no problems at all.

I have sold hundreds of items on Ebay over the last 5 years, and I do like their platform and the fact that they have the most exposure to eye balls in the world. I have shipped items to the all over the USA, to the United Kingdom, to Europe and to South America. International exposure is the huge benefit. There are other online auction sites on the internet but none of them can beat the giant size and reach of eBay!

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