American Racist Soldiers Kill Their Own – GI Killed in Afghanistan, Was Abused by Comrades

U.S American racist soldiers abuse one of their own
In Afghanistan American soldiers, serving there abused another soldier of Asian descent…a Chinese-American to be exact.

“Chen was forced to crawl with sandbags on his back and had to duck to avoid rocks thrown at him that were supposed to resemble artillery fire. He also had to endure racial slurs because of his status as a Chinese-American.”

The incidents were reported to his superiors but they failed to act, probably thought being “racist” is normal or accepted in the army.

This just goes to show you that the majority of the soldiers in the United States come from either small towns in the South or not from large cities where multi-culturalism is more common. Most of these soldiers have not even seen a non-white person and is indoctrinated by the propaganda media that stereotypes minorities.

Here’s is an American who is a visible minority wanting to serve his country in the military, and found out the the “enemy” was really his racist comrads. Sad indeed.

If the American military treats an Asian minority this way, I wonder how they treat an Arab or Pakistani American who wants to serve his country?

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