SOPA Internet Piracy Laws Coming to Canada as BILL C-11 – Canadians Must Unite Against It

Internet Police - SOPA , ACTA, Bill C-11
The big U.S media companies are at it again. This time they are striking Canada after trying to get SOPA approved in the United States, but met with lots of opposition from the internet community.

The large media companies however is also trying this in Europe with a law called ACTA, which is currently being protested by people in Europe. These laws do not serve anyone but the large corporations and give them too much power. The power to shut down websites for minor copyright infractions.

I believe we have entered another age of facism, where corporations have so much power they tell the governments what to do and now these major music labels and Hollywood film studios are trying once again to get a law approved in Canada. They are using BILL C-11 and making amendments to it to make it SOPA like, which gives them and the government the ability to shut websites down.

Granted piracy does happen on the internet, but how much of a dent to major music labels and Hollywood film pocket book does it really impact. Major music labels and Hollywood film wants to impede internet freedoms just so they can rake in a few more million dollars…that is just greedy.

So, Canadians be aware of BILL C-11 and speak out against it, knowing the Harper government who are pushovers to corporations and quite secretive, they might try and slip this one under Canadians noses and pass it without the publics knowledge.

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