You Know What a Muslim Looks Like? Don’t Believe What Western Media Is Forcing Down Your Throat

You know what a muslim looks like?
Don’t believe what the western media, especially what Hollywood studios have forced you over the past decade or more. The Hollywood, government owned media like FOX, CBS, NBC and many newspaper have stereotyped the look of Muslim’s as dark skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes.

You have understand that the reason why Muslim’s have been pinned as the bad people is because of the needed support for war with middle eastern countries by the United States and Europe.

In reality, all Muslims are not dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes. Muslims are just like the rest of us in terms of look. Many of my friends and co-workers are Muslims and they look like your average day people here in Canada or United States and they are great people.

There are blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes/green eyes Muslims and brown hair, fair skin and light eyes as well from both parts of Europe and middle east. There are even Muslims that look very east Asian…in the end Muslim is a religion and just like you have Christian’s of all different races the same goes for Muslims.

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