Toronto News: YouTube dashcam crash: Driver charged with fraud and mischief

On February 9, Raguruban Yogarajah intentionally backed up his car in bumper to bumper traffic to hit the car behind him to initiate a scam. However little did Yogarajah knew that the car had a dash camcorder and recorded Raguruban’s car reverse lights go on, the car reverse and hit its front bumper.

Both drivers of the car then got out and had a conversation while looking at the bumpers of both their vehicles. It was at this point that Raguruban Yogarajah extorted or blackmailed the driver with the dash camera for $500. He apparently said give me $500 and we can forget you hit my rear bumper or I will call the cops. At this time the corrupt Yogarajah did not know he was being filmed, and the camera recorded him reversing intentionally (reversed lights on).

Yogarajah then called the police and said he was scared after the video ended up on YouTube and the nasty comments started flying. He started playing the innocent card, as shown in video below:

After an extensive OPP investigation, the corrupt individual Raguruban Yogarajah was charged with “Fraud and Mischief”.

If Herman Sham didn’t have the car camcorder in this Subaru, we would have been blackmailed by the corrupted Raguruban Yogarajah fellow.

Please share this information, so people out there knows of this scam.–youtube-video-of-minor-accident-on-401-sparks-onslaught-of-threats-venom-racism401-car-scam-foiled-by-dashboard-camera-and-youtube-not-what-it-seems–youtube-dashcam-crash-driver-charged-with-fraud-and-mischief?bn=1

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