The Bull Market Is Long in the Tooth: Yamada

This bull market has been going since October 2011 with a slight break in Dec.2011 and June 2012, while unemployment rises and the latest earnings season not fairing well with lowered analyst earnings projections.

I am in the camp that the U.S. stock market is being heavily manipulated. You have the U.S Fed chairman saying that they are holding off on QE 3, but they are lying and in the background they are injecting more printed money to prop up the stock market.

Individual U.S investor’s has pulled money out of equities and equity mutual funds by the billions and are not participating in the markets so the question is:

How can the stock markets experience all time low volumes, but it keeps going up, the answer is institutional (Goldman, JP Morgan) manipulation with money handed to them from the Federal Reserve.

Now, I am not the only one saying this, there are tons of market analyst and professionals out there that suspect this as well. Charles Biderman, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers and more, they are all saying that when the injection of funds end, things are going to end very badly near the end of 2012 to 2014.

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