The Month’s Volume The Lowest August Since 2006

Stock Markets Low Volume July , August 2012
August of this year the U.S stock markets are experiencing some of lowest volumes ever since 2006, now we all know what happened the following years after 2006. Oct.2007 – April.2009…a major stock market crash that took all index to new lows.

All you have to do is look at a 5 year chart. If the Federal Reserve doesn’t continue Quantitative Easing in September, the markets are bound to take a dive, this is roughly 1 month away…can the markets hang on for a whole month at the current levels or push higher.

If the Federal Reserve does provide QE3, than can the U.S markets make new highs? If the markets do make new highs, it will be an amazing feat. However, remember that with each QE , it becomes less effective and things can quickly turn sour.

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