Just Installed A Blog Comment Spam Plug-in

Over the last little while it seems like a particular spammer has put my blog into his automated spamming campaign. The amount of blog comment spam that I have been receiving has increased significantly. On average I am getting about 6 per day, however in the last few days it has jumped to about 5 or 6 every hour.

To moderate all this blog comment spam is a pain in the ass to say the least. So, I went searching for a blog comment spam solution or plug-in. Originally, I was going to go with the default blog comment spam plug-in that Wordpress has which is the Askimet plug-in, but that required me sign up for a Wordpress API key. I didn’t feel like signing up for another online account, so I looked for an alternative, so I went with a blog comment spam plug-in that used a “captcha” method to stop spambots (automated spammers) from putting comment spam on my blog.

I searched on Wordpress.org for a “captcha” solution and the one I decided to go with was the blog comment spam plug-in called TrencaSpammers. I downloaded it, uploaded the plug-in and made the appropriate modifications to the php files, and it worked. Scroll to the bottom of this post and you will now see a blue box with a security code in it. Now those stupid spambots won’t be able to post comment spam on my blog, but you never know some hackers are super smart and might find a way to get around the TrencaSpammer plug-in. We will see, I will keep you posted on how effictive this TrencaSpammer blog comment spam plug-in works.
If this “captcha” solution doesn’t work then I will need to install another spam plug-in that uses a different method of identifying spam.

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