Why I Decided To “Seriously” Be An Entrepreneur

by Das Brain

I dabbled in entrepreneurship a little here and there before making the serious decision. For instance, when I used to travel to all over the United States, Asia and Australia for my the software company I used to work for I would look for things that I could re-sell on Ebay.

I made some money on the side doing this, which helped pay for bills and little things, but it wasn’t enough and to do this on a large scale I would have needed a lot of money to import the goods. On top of that it require a lot of time and energy to list, respond, pack and ship the items. Much more time and energy than I have to spare, when not working full time.

I travelled a lot for my job at the software company, almost 80% on the road and I would be away on the other side of the Earth. This took a toll on my relationship with my girlfriend at the time, now my wife (I thank her for her patience, love and support). I knew after a four and a half years of travelling for work that I cannot continue to do this job, if I wanted a marriage and family in the future. I needed to find a way of starting a business that will allow me in due time to work from home and make money more passively (make money while I sleep) than actively (require time and physical energy).

The main reason I wanted to have my own profitable business in 5 years time is simple, and it comes down to one word. FREEDOM.

  • I don’t want to be commuting to work, driving one and a half hours to work and one and a half hour back.
  • I want to be able to work from home, have more family time.
  • I don’t want to travel when a corporation tells me to.
  • I want to travel only for my own vacation and my own business.
  • I want to trade my time and energy to put money in my pocket, not money in a corporations pocket.
  • I do not want to take orders from or answer to a pencil neck boss.
  • I don’t want to be laid off.

The above are just a few reasons. But they are reason enough for the majority of entrepreneurs out there. The story continues.

I remember the day I decided to seriously be an entrepreneur quite well. I was flipping through Business 2.0 Magazine which my brother subscribed to and came across an article. This article was about money making ideas for 2005, and it featured a guy from San Francisco named Ben, who started a website called BensBargains.net. It was a internet affilliate marketing website and Ben made over $250,000 USD from affilliate commissions in 2004. All from working on website with links to vendors, when a visitor to his site makes a purchase he gets a commission. How easy is that and it’s passive, it doesn’t require much of his time or energy once its set up (it does require a lot of time and energy to build it though).

Business 2.0 Bensbargains.net

I truly believe the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will come,” I think it is an old Asian proverb. In my case, I was ready to take my entrepreneurship to a more serious level, and fate has presented me with a Business 2.0 magazine, and a business opportunity to consider. At that time, I could have discard the internet afflilliate marketing business easily, but instead I knew in my mind that this is the direction that I wanted to take for my own business.

Over the next little while I started searching the internet for information on how to start a business like Ben’s. One day I found a PDF file called “Affilliate Masters Course”, I downloaded it and print it out at work 50 pages a day so it didn’t look like I was wasting too much paper at once at the office. It was like 200 pages.

It was late January 2005, and I had to go to Asia for a business trip. Two weeks to Seoul, South Korea, Hong Kong and New Zealand. I read this internet business manual every chance I got, while I was on the airplane, buses, taxi and in hotels. By the end of the business trip I was 80% finished this manual, and when I reached home the first thing I did was to register my domain name to get a presence on the internet.

I next decision I made was to leave this job at the software company and find a job with an internet company to gain more useful knowledge about the internet business. Once again an opportunity was offered to me by a former co-worker and good friend who just so happened to work for one of the largest internet Registrars around. I jumped at the chance because I knew that the knowledge gained would help me with my own business. I was hired and the rest is history.

Now you know why I became an entrepreneur and a little about how I got started. So come back to MoneyAccumulator.com often to learn more from my experiences.

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