The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio – The System We Live In

Mark Passio outlines a lot of ideals, concept, psychological and political insight about what “The Matrix” trilogy set of movies try to convey to the movie watcher. He also, talks about how the majority of viewers will not get what the Matrix movies are trying to tell them.

Many of these viewers are in denial and will not accept the fact that they are slaves within a system…within a control system. In the economic world, the best comparison would be the government and banking system that keeps its citizens heavily indebted, so they have to keep working at jobs they hate.

Humans in the Matrix movies are nothing more than “batteries” or energy for the machine control system , where the machines feed on the human batteries from “womb to tomb” like a parasite. The government and banks do the exact same, they keep the control system of debt going for their benefit, so that they can feed off of every citizen in the form of taxes and interest earned on the citizens debt.

That is why a “monetary” system like de-centralized cryto-currency the likes of Bitcoin and its derivatives takes control away from the governments and banks…and it is a sign of the times.

I encourage, you to listen to the video in length and get involved with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

by Das Brain

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