Back From Vacation Part 2a – Las Vegas, Nevada

by Das Brain

The Las Vegas part of our trip was very eventful. In Las Vegas, there is so much to see and do for a city in the desert. To name a few things you can go hotel hopping, see lots of different types of shows, walk the Las Vegas strip, do some shopping and of course drink and gamble. And that is just the short list.

I have been to Las Vegas once before for my friends bachelor party many years ago, but only for a short 4 day trip. The last time I stayed at the Ceasar’s Palace which is a great hotel. For this trip we stayed at the Luxor hotel which is a replica of an egyptian pyramid. For the Luxor hotel, you can have a choice of staying in the pyramid or the tower. They have a set of rooms in 2 tower buidings beside the main pyramid that you can stay in. My wife and I decided that if we were going to stay at the Luxor, we might as well stay in a room in the pyramid, after all that is what makes the Luxor special and you don’t want to go there and stay in the tower beside the pyramid.

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas Nevada

August is off-peak season for Las Vegas, but I couldn’t tell by the long line ups at the check-in counter. The Luxor was a very busy and nice hotel, however the few complaints that I had about the hotel was that various portions of it were under construction and also the fact that the parking lot was so far from the actual hotel and the only way to get to the hotel was walking 500 meters along a bridge walk way. There was no moving sidewalk, and dragging your luggage over 500 meters outside then through the casino to the check-in counter was not fun to say the least.

Once my wife, her younger sister and myself settled into our hotel room, we had to get ready to go to dinner and then the Cirque de Soleil – LOVE Beatles experience show at the Mirage hotel. We decided to walk from the Luxor to the Mirage hotel which is about a 30 minute walk north along Las Vegas Blvd, and after weaving through a lot of people along a busy Las Vegas strip we made it to the Mirage and entered the Cirque de Soleil Beatles experience show theatre.

My wife and sister in law at Cirque de Soleil LOVE Beatle's Experience show in Las Vegas - Pictured with a performer in the show

I highly recommend the LOVE Beatles experience show from Cirque to Soleil. During and after the show we were blown away by the spectacular dance, visuals, props and sounds of the show. It was a wonderful colorful and animated show done to Beatle’s music and we loved it. My wife and I are big Beatle’s fans and we loved the show.

The next day my wife’s older sister was going to fly into Vegas to join us for the rest of the week in Las Vegas and the list of things we had planned were:

- walk the Las Vegas strip again
- see the white tiger at the Mirage hotel (only certain times of the day)
- see the moving statues at the Ceasar’s Palace
- And more……..

Walking the Las Vegas strip has always been quite interesting , both in the day time and at night. In the day time it can get quite hot, as the Nevada sun is scorching. It had reached 110 degrees when we were there, I recommend bringing a hat and sun block and carry a bottle of water. When walking the strip in the day time, you really get to see the complete hotels, what I mean by this is that you really see the details of these amazing Las Vegas hotels. At night time, you only see the lights, which are beautiful in their own way. One thing is common though, is the amount of people walking on the sidewalks. There are a lot of people, and easy to lose from friends or relative so stay close to each other.

Mirage hotel tiger display

The white tigers at the Mirage hotel, were not there when we went to view them. Instead, the Mirage hotel decided to put a regular tiger (orange) in its place. The only thing I have to say about this attraction or spectacle is that it’s cruel. The habitat they put this tiger in was cold, not natural and small (see picture). The area was all concrete with a pool in front, and on top of this the tiger they had put in this area for people to view was sedated and barely breathing when we saw it. Quite, inhospital treatment of a wild animal to say the least.

Mirage Hotel White Tiger attraction

From the Mirage hotel, we then walked over to the Ceasar’s Palace which was beside the Mirage to see the moving roman like statues. When we got there, we saw signs which pointed us to where the statues were, but it ended up taking us past all the shops, a walk past over 100 shops before we got to the fountain where the statues were. Basically, we got directed around like mice through a maze, and the reason is they want you to spend money at the shops.
The moving statue show turned out to be quite boring, it was just a bunch of robotic statues moving their heads and arms and a dragon flapping its wings, to a script voice telling a story. If you have kids, this is something that your kids might like.

In the next post Part 2b, I will write about the remaing experiences below:

- go cart racing
- shopping at outlet malls
- the Freemont experience, old Las Vegas
- Gun Range

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