Blog Review #1 – – A Great Toronto Blog

by Das Brain

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

While chatting with one of my trading mentors in our trading chat room, he mentioned about a restaurant he went to in downtown Toronto. He mentioned he had a wonderful dinner there, and it got me interested in this restaurant. So I asked him about it.

He then proceeded to send me a link through the chat program. I clicked on a link and it took me to and the restaurant review page of the restaurant my friend was talking about.

Cool, I thought as I read the restaurant review, but then I started to browse this blog called and found it to be quite an enjoyable site to read. had some really good posts and information on politics, developments, happenings and entertainment events going around in the city of Toronto.

One of my favourite things about the blog is what they call “Morning Brew”, which is a post of a wonderful photograph of different parts of Toronto. I enjoy the pictures because I grew up in Toronto and the photographs brings back a lot of good memories for me of times past.

If you live in Toronto, or you are just interested in Toronto, I highly recommend you check out


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One Response to “Blog Review #1 – – A Great Toronto Blog”

  1. Natalie says:

    Toronto is my favorite city in Canada, followed by Montreal, and then Vancouver. It is so beautiful and safe there! The people are so nice and all.