Canadian Money Transfer Down, Not Working For 2 Days
Interac get your shit together!!!!

My wife went to receive money I sent her and guess what Interac Canada bank to bank money transfer not working…it’s down.

Interac bank to bank money transfer which allows you to send money by e-mail and then money from one Canadian bank account can be transferred to another Canadian bank account has been down now for almost 2 days.

In light of this, it is quite unacceptable. A lot of people have transferred money using this feature, and the receiver of the funds have been left in limbo, until this is fixed.

Also, their are people that rely on this service as a matter of life or death.
Relatives that rely on emergency funds in different provinces away for school or in a jam on vacation etc. This should be considered a mission critical service and for it to be down for days is again… Unacceptable.

Add to this, when the sender sends the funds it get deducted from his account.
Now, if this technical trouble ends up to be a “cluster F@c%” , how are the senders going to get their money back. Might, have to go through a long process and fight with their bank…yaddy yadda … a complete waste of time.

Any, Interac Canada better get this fixed quick. I for one am not looking to use the Interac Service again , if it is this unreliable.

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