Crisis to Chaos: History’s Biggest Defaults -> United States Next

If and when the United States defaults within 5-10 years , the national debt will reach well over 20 trillion U.S dollars. Already there is no way the U.S government can pay foreign bond investors, basically the U.S government has sold Germany, Japan, China and the rest of the world junk bonds that will be worthless within the next 5 years.

That is why, the United States government is ramping up the military for war. Hey, if the government sold the world junk investment, when the world comes to collect their investment (principle and interest) payments and the U.S government doesn’t have a penny…we’ll the only option for the U.S is a military one. Go back and learn from history, Nazi Germany did the same, because they were under heavy debt.

Within, the next decade you will see the ultimate “Bernie Madoff” ponzi scheme unfold, with the United States playing the role of non other than Bernie himself.

When the United States does “default” on the debt they owe, you will see “CHAOS” on the streets just like Greece, Cyprus and some other defaulted countries in the past. However, this will depend on if “zombie” American citizens can pull away from watching the propaganda media and wake the F@!K up.

by Das Brain

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