Las Vegas Trip Video Of Sister-In-Law Shooting M16 Machine Gun At The Gun Range

by Das Brain

woman shooting M16 machine gun

I finally finished editing the some of the video of my Las Vegas trip. Here is one of my favourite clips. It is the video of my sister-in-law shooting an M16 machine gun at the gun range in Las Vegas.

It was quite funny, as none of us that went to the gun range thought she was going to shoot an M16 machine gun. She just walked right in, and at the counter pointed at the machine gun on the wall, and told the man “I want to shoot that one”, it was hilarious. She then signed the waiver and into the shooting range she went.

Needless to say, she was scared at first, but afterwards said that it was quite a rush and strangely fun. My wife and I also shot at the gun range, but only Glocks hand guns.

The video is below click to watch.

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