Jimmy Kimmel – “Kill Everyone in China” Shows America Media’s Irresponsible Mentality

After watching the Jimmy Kimmel video above from his show, one can just sum it up to humor. I mean I have to admit it is quite funny to hear a bunch of kids say those things.

But, what if you replaced the word “Chinese” with another group of people or country:

  • “Kill Everyone in Africa”
  • “Kill Everyone in Isreal”
  • “Kill Everyone in Ireland”
  • “Kill Everyone in India”
  • “Kill Everyone in Palestine”
  • Now, does that resonate more with you. So, you see how “dis-tasteful” the Jimmy Kimmel video was. Why would you want to air on television anything that speaks of killing an entire country. In WWII, that was called “Genocide” and it happened to the Jews, and now Jimmy Kimmel is going to promote killing Chinese? Another disturbing fact, was that this was pre-taped…in other words premeditated or done on purpose.

    However, it does speak to how American citizens view this problem that U.S Politicians have created for the entire population. If you are an American citizen and you have no idea what the problem is, then I seriously recommend you study up on it.

    I’m not even American I am Canadian, but I have studied America’s economic problems for several years now and I’m amazed on how possibly over 80% of population walk around everyday going to work and going about their business without realizing that the United States is “broke”.

    That’s right, America is bankrupt already. That is the what the Jimmy Kimmel video above is about. The United States have been bankrupt for decades now and have been borrowing from the rest of the world…in particular China, Japan & Germany. Though, they owe China the most money, somewhere in the Trillions of dollars.

    In line with America’s rebel tendencies and mentality that have even trickle down to a child, one kid in the video says “Kill Everyone in China”. Already the indoctrination has begun. Teach American kids to be irresponsible, that if you borrow money from someone…let’s say a friend, family member or co-worker, that instead of paying them back…kill them.

    This is quite disturbing that this is the behavior and idea that is being pushed to the masses of people watching American television.

    So, let me get this straight. The American government borrows money in the Trillions of dollars from other countries and never intends to pay it back. When the payment comes due, the U.S government is going to say we are going to “kill you”.

    Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this responsible?
  • What if you were the person lending the money and you want your money from the borrower (a friend, co-worker etc.) , and they won’t pay and threaten to kill you?
  • Can this kind of behavior be tolerated in real daily life?
  • How come the U.S government can borrow and not pay back?
  • All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of the lender to understand the “moral lesson”. If you loan your buddy at work $500 bucks , you would expect him to pay you back rather than threaten your life. So, relating that to the American government they should really budget properly and pay back other countries (China, Japan, Germany) they borrow from instead of defaulting and waging war…that is the responsible thing to do.

    However, if history is any indication, the United States government will decide to wage war instead. This is how the U.S is going to get out of it, they will cause a war that will kill millions upon millions of lives rather than acting “responsible”.

    You can already hear the war drums beating and the anti-china propaganda filling the air-waves (television, internet and radio). This is the exact same tactics used by the Germans in WWII to indoctrinate the citizens to hate a group of people to justify a war. Funny enough…did you know that the American government brought all the “propaganda experts” over from Nazi Germany to become U.S citizens after WWII.

    by Das Brain

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