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Advert From India Shows Just How Stupid Indian Men Look When They Creep On Unsuspecting Women

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

India over the last year or so has had some huge issues with women’s rights. A string of violent gang rapes against both Indian women and tourist gain the attention and disgust from the world

Now, India has put out an ad that tries to humiliate or teach Indian men to respect women a bit more.

Have a look at the video and also read the full article on Business Insider:

Jimmy Kimmel – “Kill Everyone in China” Shows America Media’s Irresponsible Mentality

Monday, November 11th, 2013

After watching the Jimmy Kimmel video above from his show, one can just sum it up to humor. I mean I have to admit it is quite funny to hear a bunch of kids say those things.

But, what if you replaced the word “Chinese” with another group of people or country:

  • “Kill Everyone in Africa”
  • “Kill Everyone in Isreal”
  • “Kill Everyone in Ireland”
  • “Kill Everyone in India”