Inequality Turning U.S. Into a Horror Show – Income Gap Likens Russia

I’ve posted about the increasing income inequality in the United States many times before, and it is not getting any better.

The mainstream media would like to think that there is a recovery in jobs, recovery in income, a recovery in standard of living, but in reality the social fabric and economy of the United States is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

The stock market is manipulated higher with U.S government money printing and injection into markets to prop it up, to make it look like a recovery. Unemployment numbers are manipulated and do not account for people that have stopped looking for jobs (over 25 million people). Inflation numbers from government does not include food and gasoline …like no one eats or drives and housing sales numbers are manipulated…there is no housing recovery.

So, you see the government statistic numbers lie to their citizens, the mainstream media lie to their citizens, all to make you think nothing is wrong…and get you to open up your wallet and spend that hard earned money, when really you should be paying down debt and saving.

Ask yourself:
- Have your life really gotten better?
- Has food, gasoline, rent and goods gotten cheaper or more expensive?
- Has my wage or salary gone up to reflect cost of living?
- Has the government cut back on social services?

In ten years, the United States will reach the rich and poor gap the likes of Russia and the middle class will be wiped out.

by Das Brain

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