China Earthquake Caused By HAARP Weapon?

This video was brought to my attention by a friend of mine, regarding the current earth quake in China.

Many people are thinking that this was not a natural disaster, but more like an attack by the U.S with the weapon Project HAARP. Trying to provoke a war in accordance to the Bilderberg’s (Illuminati) groups mandate.

I’m not advocating this theory, but you never know these days.
Here are a few videos regarding this subject.

If this is true, then all countries around the world should fear the United States Government who holds control of this weapon.

More Information on HAARP and China Earth Quake
Search Google and YouTube with keyword “Project HAARP” and “China Earthquake”

More links to U.S Military Project HAARP

Project HAARP and China Quake forum with more links

Another link about Environmental Climate Warfare

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