The Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas – Shoe Shopping and Saving

A week or so ago my wife was looking for a pair of Puma running shoes online and the price she saw in u.s dollars was $90. At the malls in the Toronto area they were asking about $120 CAD plus 14% tax. So on a recent business trip to Houston, Texas to attend a tradeshow I went to the Galleria mall in Houston, Texas. When I was at the Galleria mall I located a Women’s Footlocker and they had the Puma shoes that she was looking for called the Cell Therid.

Puma Cell Therid women's running shoes

When I was in the Lady’s Footlocker Store, I called my wife to make sure that the store had what she wanted, the particular color and size. When I got the O.K I purchased the Puma shoes for $90 USD plus tax. After conversion the total came to like $108 CAD. That is big savings considering, if I had bought in Canada the Puma shoes would have cost me roughly $138 CAD after tax. That is a savings of $30 CAD (approx. 30%).

So, to recap for all you Canadian’s, if you are going to the United States anyways for business or pleasure, make sure you make a shopping list, and map out the shopping malls in the area that you going to be in. Goods in the U.S tend to be priced much less (20-30%) than the same item in Canada, and with the U.S and Canadian dollar almost on par it pays to shop there whenever you get an opportunity. Also, remember that U.S taxes are much less as well and you can save even more, if you find the outlet malls.

Most of the business travellers reading this article know what I am talking about. The company you are working for has paid for your flights, hotels and all expenses while you are in the U.S for business, so why not take advantage of it to do your shopping and save some money.

Below is some information on The Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas.

Mall Highlights
The Galleria has the reputation of being the number 1 shopping and tourist destination in Houston with over 24 million annual visitors. With its beautiful architecture, variety of different types of stores and a distinctive style for entertainment.

The Galleria Mall, Houston, Texas - inside ice rink











The Galleria Mall, Houston, Texas - interior stores 2









Set beneath amazing glass atriums, The Galleria features more than 375 fine stores and restaurants, an impressive ice skating rink and two Westin hotels. The Galleria Houston, Texas is a world-class shopping complex that houses the best names in retailing including Neiman Marcus, Cartier, Gucci, Macy’s, Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, The Sharper Image, Ralph Lauren Collection, Louis Vuitton and Houston’s only Nordstrom.

The Galleria Mall, Houston, Texas - interior stores 1










The Galleria is now the fourth largest mall in the United States and has interior highlights like nine types of stone, suspended glass balconies, three types of wood, glass skylights, and plush leather seating. With three office towers, two hotels, 2.4 million square feet of retail space, and a variety of restaurants, The Galleria is a city within a city.

The Galleria Mall, Houston, Texas - interior stores 3

5085 Westheimer Rd., Suite 4850   Houston, TX 77056

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