Windows Vista Sucks! I’m Switching Back To Windows XP On My Acer 3680-2682 Laptop

Windows Vista SucksAfter working with Windows Vista for the past little while, I’m pretty much fed up, this was after installing Vista SP1. I read about some of the improvements in Windows Vista with SP1 on the internet, so I decided to installed it, but as described below it didn’t quite work out.

Afterwards, I noticed a slight improvement in speed of opening some applications, but there was something off or wrong with file transfers to my USB hard drive. For some reason,
file transfer from my Acer 3680-2682 Laptop running Vista to my USb hard drive was extremely slow. Another thing I noticed was that certain programs would not open…at all. The programs would just hang.

Finally, there was one program that I really needed, which worked on Windows XP, and was supposed to work on Vista but didn’t work properly after I installed it. The software vendor’s website said it works flawlessly, however it didn’t work for me, on my Windows Vista.

I’ve had quite a few issues with Windows Vista on my Acer 3680 laptop, and now I have had it. I downloaded all the necessary Windows XP drivers for this Acer 3682 laptop, and backed up all my files, and then wiped Windows Vista off of the Acer laptop for good.

Now I have Windows XP Professional SP2 on my Acer 3680-2682 laptop, and things are running very well, very speedy. The Acer 3680-2682 has a 1.86 Ghz Celeron M Intel chip, and 1.5 GB of RAM, Windows Vista should have ran fine on it, but because it is such a freakin’ hog it didn’t. Now with Windows XP on my Acer 3680, I can re-install all the programs I need and use them without things hanging.

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