Upgrade Your Acer 3680-2682 Celeron M CPU to an Intel Core Dual T2250 1.73Mhz CPU Processor or Higher

Upgrade Acer 3680 from Celeron M to Dual Core CPU processor

Just want to share with my visitors / readers about a recent upgrade that I have done on my Acer Laptop model 3680-2682. The Acer 3680 laptop transformation continues, so far I have upgraded the memory (RAM) from standard 512MB to 1.6GB of RAM now, and then I toasted Windows Vista causes it sucks, and installed Windows XP SP2.

Recently, as the title of this article suggest, I have replaced the CPU processor of this laptop from a single core and slow Celeron M 440 1.83Mhz with 1MB Cache to a much much faster Intel Core Dual T2250 (Yonah Dual core) CPU processor running at 1.73Mhz and with 2M cache. Both CPU processor uses socket type M or socket M, so once I got the laptop open it was just a simple matter of popping out the old Celeron M 440 processor and dropping in the replacement Core Dual T2250 processor.

Below are much more detailed instructions on how to go about replacing or upgrading the CPU processor on your Acer 3680 laptop.

First you need to upgrade the BIOS to the latest build v1.3505 and then you need to determine what are your choice of dual core CPU / Processors will be when it comes to upgrading. To get very detailed information about your laptop, chipsets I guest you get a copy of PCWiz utility, this small program will help you out alot.

The following CPU / Processors have been known to work:

Intel Core Dual T2250 2M Cache, 1.73 GHz, 533 MHz FSB
Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 2M Cache, 1.60 GHz, 533 MHz FSB
Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 2M Cache, 1.73 GHz, 533 MHz FSB
Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 2M Cache, 1.83 GHz, 667 MHz FSB
Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 4M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 667 MHz FSB <--search internet to verify

Which CPUs will work will depend on what chipsets your particular Acer 3680 laptop has...they are all not the same, believe it or not. You need to check the sticker by taking off the RAM cover (easy to do 4 screws) see picture below.

Chipset numbers:
i945 GML
i943 GML
i940 GML

Acer 3680 ram cover off showing motherboard serial number to determine chipset

First 9 digits of sticker.
MB.TEB06.003 Main Board SATA.940GM.UMA.W/RDR
MB.AZL06.001 Main Board SATA.943GML.UMA.W/RDR
MB.TEB06.001 Main Board ZR1.PATA.940GM.UMA.
MB.AZL06.003 Main Board ZR1.SATA.943GML.UMA

So, if your sticker first 9 digit reads MB.AZL06.001, then your Acer 3680 has the Intel i943GML Chipset.

Next you will have to go hunting for a dual core processor for your Acer 3680 CPU upgrade. Here are few places you can look. Try local, and online classifieds such as kijiji.ca, craiglist and Ebay. I found mine on a local classified, the person upgrade one of his HP laptops, and was getting rid of his Intel T2250 Core Dual CPU / Processor for $45 CAD. I called him right away, and picked it up…what a deal just $45 bucks. I still can’t believe I found that quickly in Toronto for that price.

Next you will need to know how to take the Acer 3680 laptop apart. Download the Acer 3680 PDF service manual here.   Read the “Machine Disassembly and Replacement” chapter / section.

Precautions (bold) you need to take, when performing the dissassembly. Make sure you strap an anti-static wire to your wrists or if you don’t have an anti-static wrist band with wire, wear rubber gloves, I used bright yellow :) kitchen rubber gloves.  The reason here is obvious, you do not want static to kill any of your Acer laptop circuitry.

Also, make sure you are working on a clean surface where you can see tiny screws clearly (easily lost), and you are not standing on carpet (static).

The CPU processor on this Acer 3680 laptop is below the heatsink pipe, see the pictures below. Once you get it out it is a simple matter of putting in the new dual core processor, and then make sure you put every part back together properly.

Opened Acer 3680 laptop, showing location of CPU processor on motherboard for upgrade

Fortunately, for me everything went fine, all parts were put back together and the Acer 3680-2682 booted up fine into Windows XP and when I viewed the Properties of My Computer, under Hardware it showed the new Intel T2250 Core Dual processor, and my
Acer laptop now runs much much faster now. The whole disassembly, CPU replacement and re-assembly, testing took me about 2 hours.

One thing, I did noticed was that it was running hot, and the fan didn’t turn on. I opened up the RAM cover, and saw quickly that I forgot to plug-in the fan switch wire. Doooooh!  :o  Lucky, I noticed the fan not going on and the laptop getting hot, otherwise my Intel T2250 Core Dual processor could have fried. I had PC Wizard software utility installed which gave me the temperature reading of each CPU core, PC Wizard is a great utility to have running so you know what is going on with your laptop / notebook at all times.

Well….it is all part of hacking your own laptop, you need to test and double check everything afterwards.

So now I have a:

Acer 3680-2682 Laptop / Notebook
CPU / Processor: Intel T2250 1.73Mhz Core Dual 2MB Cache <--upgraded from old Intel Celeron M 440
RAM: 1.5 GB DDR2 533Mhz
OS: Windows XP SP2

Adding up the cost:

Acer 3680-2682 Laptop / Notebook – $399 USD -> Converted to CAD $413
Upgrading RAM from 512 MB to 1.5GB – $35 CAD
Upgrading CPU / Processor to Core Dual – $45 CAD

Total Cost: $493 CAD

Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY responsible for any damage, or malfunction that happens to your Acer 3680 Laptop if you decide to try this CPU / Processor upgrade. You take full responsibilty.

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3 Responses to “Upgrade Your Acer 3680-2682 Celeron M CPU to an Intel Core Dual T2250 1.73Mhz CPU Processor or Higher”

  1. JaKay says:

    thanks for your posting man! its very useful and clear. with this manual im brave enough to try to do the same with my old 3680))

  2. William Vogelsang says:

    Will a pentium 4 2.8 512/800 or a celeron 2.66 256/533 work in acer aspire 3680 as you have detailed here?

    Hi William Vogelsang,

    The best thing to do is to check with what Penitum CPU processor the Intel chipset would support.
    The chipsets for this Acer 3680 model is;
    Chipset numbers:
    i945 GML
    i943 GML
    i940 GML
    You would need to go to the intel website and determine the exact CPU processors are supported.

    Hope this helps.

    Das Brain

  3. Alex Rios says:

    I have the 3680-2682 with the 943 GML chipset. 533 Mhz Bus. (MB.AZL06.003 Main Board ZR1.SATA.943GML.UMA) I am purchasing the New CPU upgrade (Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 2M Cache, 1.73 GHz, 533 MHz FSB) from amazon. I wanted to maintain the same Bus, I had a feeling, I should have chosen the 1.60 Ghz version, just because the Acer Aspire One I purchased a few months later had the N270 Atom Processor, clocked at 1.60 Ghz. Maybe the exact same chipset, or close. I just hope that the 1.73 Ghz will still work. I just ordered this CPU and I am really crying about taking the unit apart, I can see where the CPU is right after I remove the Memory Panel, I am hoping that I do not have to remove almost everything and dissassemble everything just to get to the CPU. Oh well. Please make me feel better.
    -Alex 772 8072295
    Reply: Hi Alex, it is possible that the Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 2M Cache, 1.73 GHz, 533 MHz FSB might work, providing the 943 GML chipset will support it. Another thing to consider is to update / flash the BIOS to the latest revision.
    As for taking the laptop apart, this is never easy sometimes to get to the CPU processor. I only have this to suggest, and that is to do one step at a time very carefully, making sure to take a 15 – 30 second breaks in between steps for your brain to re-focus otherwise mistakes can be made. Hope this helps.

    Das Brain