Taipei, Taiwan – Some Basic Information Tourist / Travellers Should Know


Taipei, Taiwan basic tourist and visitor information

• Area: 271.8 square kilometers

• Location: Northern Taiwan, in the Taipei Basin.

Bordered on all sides by Taipei County

• Population: Approximately 2.62 million

• Languages: Taiwan’s official language is Mandarin; English and Japanese are also commonly used.

• Climate: Taipei has a subtropical climate with an annual average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and an annual average rainfall of 2,325 millimeters. Summers are hot with occasional afternoon thunderstrom; winters are chilly with frequent drizzles.

• Taxi Fares: NT$70 Upon Entry, good for 1.5 kilometers; each additional 300 meters is NT$5, and there is a waiting charge of NT$5 for each two minutes when the speed drops below 5 kph. From 11 :00 p.m. to 06:00 a.rn., an extra 20% is added to the meter.

• City Bus Fares:NT$15 per section for adults, NT$8 for children. Operating hours are 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

• MRT: MRT lines, including the Muzha Line, Danshui Line, Xindian Line, Bannan Line, and Zhonghe Line crisscross all of the Taipei metropolitan area. The MRT lines give access to Taipei’s bustling street life and scenic beauties. If you want to visit a lot of places within a single day, you can buy a one-day ticket and ride the MRT as many times as you want on the date of purchase.

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