Timothy Sykes – PennyStocking DVD 1

Timothy Sykes - PennyStocking DVD Course

Here’s a quick review on DVD #1 of Timothy Sykes PennyStocking DVD Course.
On this first DVD of penny stock trading Timothy goes through the following:

– Tim Sykes quickly describes that the PennyStocking DVD course is just for entertainment and educational purpose. However he goes to mention of course, that he is ultimately not responsible for trading losses.

Who is Timothy Sykes – Tim goes through a short description of himself, and how he became popular by taking the barmitzva money given to him of about $12,000 and turned it into $1.5 million.

Basic Stock Market Terminology – In this section of the penny stock trading DVD course, Tim Sykes goes ahead and attempts to educate the viewer on stock market terminology.

Description of Short Selling – Sykes talks about what short-selling is and how to profit from it as it relates to penny stocks, which are stocks that trade from $1 to $5 share price.

Risk Involved – He goes into some details about the risk of trading penny stocks. Tim mentions that you shouldn’t hold the stocks as investment, only profit from short-term movements.

News and Rumors – Tim goes into some details here about how to interpret news and rumors that you here about the particular penny stock that you are trading or monitoring.

Profit From Up and Down Price Movement – He talks about how you should learn to profit from long positions (upward price movement) and short positions (downward price movements).

Chart Basics – Here Timothy Sykes talks about the different types of charts that are available, and the basics of how to read them.

Conclusion: Over all this first DVD of the PennyStocking , penny stock trading course is of course quite basic. If you are a novice definitely watch this first DVD, if you are an intermediate you might want to skip it, however it does make a pretty good review of some fundamentals.

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