Resolutions for Year 2010 – What Does 2010 Bring and What My Goals Are This Year and Good Riddence 2009

Year of the White Tiger 2010

Let me just first say that 2009 was quite a negative and difficult year. Not only did the world economy took a dive, the stock markets were a little hard to play and jobs were disappearing faster than you can sneeze. I’m sure for a lot of people have felt the effects of last years downturn and can relate to what I just wrote.

As for myself, it was a complete year of no traveling for work, because of budget cuts and constantly worrying whether I will have a job or not from month to month. Stress level hit all time highs at the office, as more and more heads were chopped off in our department, at last count more than 30 people lost their jobs in 2009 in my department.

This year 2010 is the “Year of the White Tiger” according to Chinese astrology. The Tiger represents ferociousness and unpredictability, and after reading a few articles about the year 2010 predictions, it doesn’t seem very positive. Basically, most of the predictions fore tells more difficulties ahead. This is pretty much inline with how the state the economy is, I mean the economy is not going to all of a sudden fix itself or take off like a plane….the year 2010 will basically be a year of low growth, in terms of GDP and jobs created, that’s my personal opinion we are not out of the woods yet, so don’t go buying big ticket items and over extend yourself.

I for one am so glad that 2009 is behind me, I can now look ahead and concentrate on my goals for the year 2010. Push ahead with further developing my web business. My web business was one bright spot for me in 2009, as it’s revenue almost doubled, but that is no cause to be comfortable, in 2010 I plan to develop out as many domain names as possible, either as micro-websites or full fledge blogs to generate additional revenue. Another area that I will be heavily concentrating my energy on is affiliate marketing of digital products, I’m hoping to generate high commission revenue from one of my new website, it may take a while to ramp up, but I am confident that I will see a profit by years end.

Another aspect of my finances is debt. In 2010, of course like many people out there, I want to reduce my debt as much as possible, and this year I plan to drastically reduce the amount I know the banks. Other than my mortgage…uhm I don’t want to owe too many debtors money. In 2009 I reduced already about 35% of my debts (not including mortgage), this year hopefully I can reduce another 30%…let me tell you it requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice. Thank the devine forces of the universe that I still have a job.

Trading is something that I haven’t done in a while, but I recently got back in with a small trade. In 2010, I plan to make several quick in and out type trades ( not greedy) making $200 here, $300 here with the aim of making extra income slowly and patiently. I know this is very possible as I’ve done it before, but for me 2009 was a little volatile for me, and I sat out just watching the markets.

Well, that’s all I have to convey, about my plans…let’s hope all of it comes to fruition or at least 80% of it, that would really be great, I just need to remain positive and focused. Basically what I am working towards is making enough in my own web business, so I do not have to work for someone else ever again…

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One Response to “Resolutions for Year 2010 – What Does 2010 Bring and What My Goals Are This Year and Good Riddence 2009”

  1. Frank M says:

    Good luck with your plans for the new year, hope everything works out according to plan.

    All the best from Montreal,


    Reply: Thanks Frank, hope all is well with you, hope the 2010 is a great year for you. Take Care!