Timothy Sykes – PennyStocking DVD 2 – Charting Continued…

Timothy Sykes - PennyStocking DVD2 - Course

In the second PennyStocking DVD by Timothy Sykes he continues to go into how he reads or interprets stock charts. Tim walks you through play by play pattern views and shows you what events happened where. Sykes doesn’t like to play penny stocks with messy charts, and he basically tells the viewer to stay away from stocks with messy charts, until they clear up.

He walks you through in-depth looks at these chart patterns:

  • Messy
  • SuperNova
  • Stair Stepper
  • The Snore
  • The Crow

DVD 2 of PennyStocking was quite informative and technical, a novice trader will definitely have to watch charts for a while to try to learn these concepts.

Tim Sykes made watching this 1.5 hr long DVD a little more enjoyable, because he is quite a character, he is animated and is entertaining to watch.

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