Spy Software On New Hard Drives from US and Japanese Manufacturers – Scary

New discovery by Kapersky anti-virus software company, shows that spying software has been placed on firmwares of hard drives which collects and reports information to the NSA. A former NSA employee has confirmed this finding.

Basically, this is yet another back-door that can be used to spy on the entire world, as you go about your business typing MS word, PowerPoint and other personal documents and store it on your hard drive, thinking it is safe and secure, but in-fact the backdoor may be reporting your work to spy agencies.

The hard drive manufacturers are as follows:

- Maxtor
- Hitachi
- Seagate
- Samsung
- Toshiba
- Western Digital

Notice that the above manufacturers are American and Japanese. For those of you who don’t know the U.S and Japan are allies.

The world is becoming a scary place, when you cannot even protect your privacy. Oppression of privacy seems to be where the governments are heading.

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