Fake Indian “Microsoft Techsupport” Scammer Recorded Threat to Kill B.C. Man

Over the last decade there has been millions of calls to Canada, Australia and America where these call centers from India would call unsuspecting people and try to get them to allow “remote desktop sharing” on their Microsoft Windows machines. The key give away is a person from the call center with an Indian accent and they would introduce themselves with an “english / western” name, of course this is fake and all to make you feel more comfortable.

Listen to this call:

Once, these “non-technical” people who take the call allow the call center to remotely connect to their Windows PC, the Indian call center technician would then start place either malware on the PC or start copying certain directories where your history, cookies and temp information for your browser is stored. Then later they can comb through your data and get your banking / trading information and monitor your PC with the malware and get your passwords.

I’ve been always saying is be very careful these days with any kind of calls you receive over the phone. These ID and cyber thieves…what they do is they will call you again and again over time, to collect pieces of information about you until they build a profile, which they can use to impersonate you. Never give any private/personal information over the phone.

To be safe if they say they are from Company ABC, then to protect yourself you can say…I don’t have time right now. Hang up and then call back Company ABC directly, this way you contact through proper channel the company that the scammer is trying to impersonate.

These scammers from India are very sneaky, sly and smart and have successfully scam hundreds of thousands of dollars from Canadians and Australians. All you have to do is go to YouTube and search “Microsoft tech support scams.”

by Das Brain

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