Everyday Average Jane and Joe Get Your Retirement / Investment Out of Stock Market Now.

This is just a quick blog post stating that the stock market has had a nice bounce up from the huge drop it took a few weeks back, but it will NOT last….read below.

The crash happen on Aug.17th and kept going down until Aug.24th.
Use bar chart or candle charts to see the extreme lows.
Down Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) – 17500 (approx.) crash down to 15400 = almost 2000 point drop at the lows (-11.4%)
Nasdaq – 5100 crash down to 4300 = 800 point drop at the lows (-15.7%)
S&P 500 – 2100 crash down to 1850 = 250 point drop at the lows (-11.9%)
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) – 14300 – 12750 = 1550 point drop at the lows (-10.8%)

Now the markets have bounce nicely upwards recovering about 30-50% of the drop, however the huge downward pressure is NOT over, and there is more pain on the downside to come, this recent stock rally might extend for a while, if the Fed Yellen doesn’t raise interest rates, but afterwards will peter out and new lows are going to be hit by end of 2015.

So, if you care about your retirement or investment it is probably prudent to lighten up the load on equities / stocks. Better 1 month early than 1 day late.

by Das Brain

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