Economic Slump Is Upon The World

Rest assured that this recent economic slow has little to do with China. China is just a part of the slowing demand for goods happening around the world. Of course, China’s economic output is going to slow because the Western world are over their head in debt. Why are they in debt, because the Western governments (U.S, Europe) have mismanaged tax dollars that citizens pay.

People all over the world, do not have money to spend on new goods (clothes, electronics, etc.). Why do people have less money? Because taxes has gone up, government services fees has gone up, government benefits have been cut, and jobs have been farmed out to cheaper nations.

Point A
Ask yourself, why are jobs leaving? Don’t blame the other countries…blame the corporations that bribed the politicians to pass laws to allow corporations to export jobs to cheaper companies.

So, because people in the Western world are experiencing hardship, therefore China the manufacturer of the world will begin to produce less, thus their companies will have less profit, and therefore the Shanghai stock market will take a hit. And, when the Shanghai market takes a big hit, the western media makes it headline news in the Western world and blame China…to divert the attention away from the politicians and CEO who farmed out the jobs in the first place (Point A).

The catalyst of everything going on is the slowing demand around the world. But the mainstream media needs someone to blame. Watch the video, and realize that what you read in mainstream newspaper and see on mainstream news is trying to divert blame to another nation or to tell you everything is fine, when you feel and know that everything is not fine.

This is what is done, when government’s and corporations have sold their own citizens down the river…they spread propaganda to blame other nations like China to divert attention.

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