Some Comfortable Travelling Shoes – Part 2

Here are more comfortable travelling shoe reviews (continued from Part 1)

Ahnu Drake comfortable shoes4. Ahnu Drake

The Ahnu Drake is a snug fitty slip-on shoe. You’re probably thinking that these shoes will come off easily, but the tight elastics of this techy looking shoe will keep it snug on your feet. Once, on the Ahnu Drake feels very much like comfy sneakers, it features re-inforced toe-box area, uppers are waterproof and the soles are quite sticky for great traction. Price: $99

5. RockPort Evander

Rockport Evander comfortable classy shoes

Great looking dress shoe, but with some hidden traits that are great for travelling. The RockPort Evander The uppers are dress shoe quality leather and the best part is that the leather is waterproof and breathable. A bonus is that the outsoles are very grippy, just in case you need to walk in the rain, or slippery front lobby time surface. Price: $90

L.L Bean Storm chaser slip on shoes6. L.L Bean Storm Chaser

The L.L Bean Storm Chaser after you put them on feels like a running shoe, although they look like the run of the mill duck shoes. The outsoles are made for lots of traction on wet surfaces and the Storm Chaser is of course waterproof. This shoe would make a great candidate for travelling, especially if you are heading somewhere rugged. Price: $74

Some Comfortable Travelling Shoes – Part 1

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